Taxmenow sees the rich call for higher taxes for themselves

Economics7 min read4 May 2022

By Jochen Harberg

“Raise taxes on the rich,” goes the popular left-wing refrain. The Taxmenow Association has brought together wealthy people who are demanding exactly that. German street paper Hinz&Kunzt spoke to association director Peter Reese about their motives and goals, and the lack of interest of the Hamburg public.

Hinz&Kunzt: Can we assume that you didn’t vote for the Free Democratic Party in the most recent general election, as they had categorically ruled out raising taxes from the start of their campaign?

Peter Reese: Yes. I would describe myself as a social liberal, but a party that stands for freedom without responsibility and is only interested in protecting the property of the privileged doesn’t speak for me.

This article first appeared in Hinz&Kunzt, a magazine sold on the streets of Hamburg, Germany, by people who have limited other ways of earning an income.

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